Al Emteyaz For Label Printing answers your frequently asked questions:

Choose your label material based on the environment in which your label will be exposed, and the aesthetic look and feel you are trying to achieve.
Contact us now and we will help you to choose the appropriate material for your application.

Yes, we have experienced sales staff with full knowledge of labels and typographical consultations.
Contact us to arrange a meeting and make sure we are happy with that.

We cater for 90% of suitable sizes in addition to various shapes.
For more details, please contact us.

We are trying hard to cover many different markets and create new target groups.
You can look at our target markets.

It depends on the nature of your product, how you would like to show it to your customers, as well as the image you want to create in the customer’s mind at first sight of the product.
For more details see the types of printing section.

One of the objectives of the AL-EMTEYAZ is to open up to foreign markets, in addition to packaging for the Label to protect it during loading and downloading, we can agree on a mechanism for transportation, just contact us and know that.

It depends on the type of printing and the number of colors, especially the quantity required, but after agreeing with us on the details of your label printing, you will receive the entire order within 4 to 5 days as a maximum and possibly less within two days.
In any case, we are here to provide you with a comfortable service worthy of you, dear customer.

The price of the label depends on details such as quantity, number of colors, type of printing, size of label, raw material and others in addition to that we have the ability to make your label distinguish your product from your competitors so we are interested in providing the highest value always to our customer.
Do not worry, our prices are reasonable and accessible to all.
Contact us and the customer service officer will answer all your inquiries immediately.